Vivo Y51L Test Point | EDL Mode 9008 | ISP EMMC Pinout

This article focuses on how to turn on EDL mode or get the test Point for Vivo Y51L!

In the following guide, you can view an example of the ISP pinout and the test point of the Y51L. Utilizing ISP Pinout or the Test Point, you can carry out tasks such as restoring the default ROM to factory settings, bypassing the FRP lock, or resetting user information on your device using UFi Box. In this article, you will be taught how to boot into the 9008 mode of EDL.

What is ISP Pinout?

In-System Programming (ISP), also known as In-circuit Serial Programming (ICSP), can be the term used for devices that have the capability of cross-referencing pins or contacts. By connecting or shorting the pins to each other and the logic board (motherboard) is powered. This technique is employed for computers, mobiles, or other electronic devices.

It is possible to find what is the IS Pinout connection on the circuit board of your device. Taking off your device’s back cover is crucial to access these pinouts.

How to Enter EDL Mode on XiaomiVivo Y51L

Follow these steps with care to turn on your smartphone in EDL Mode ( Emergency Download Mode)

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Method 1: Using ADB

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tool and extract it to your PC (C:/ Drive)
  • Connect your device to your PC via a working USB cable
  • Open the ADB command and enter the command
    • ADB reboot edl

Method 2: Using Fastboot

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tool and extract it to your PC (C:/ Drive)
  • Boot the device into the bootloader by the below instruction
  • Power off your device, press the Volume Down ( – ) Key and Power button simultaneously until the MI logo appears on the screen
  • Connect a smartphone to a PC using a working cable
  • Use ADB or fastboot Tool to give commands; first, go to ADB installed folder, press and hold Shift Key + Right Click
  • Select the available option from the menu “Open Command Window” and type the following command. If it does not work, try another command

fastboot oem edl


fastboot reboot-edl


fastboot reboot edl

  • Now your device should boot into EDL mode (mobile screen light up)
  • Go to the Device Manager on your PC
  • Under the port section, if drivers are working properly, you can see Qualcomm HS USB Qdloader 9008 or MediaTek Preloader
  • Finally, you can flash firmware or flash files or anything you want to do

That is it; your Xiaomi device would appear in the device management section.

Method 3: By Hardware Test Points / Restore Your device

  • Download the QDLoader driver
  • Find the EDL PinOUT/Test Point of your smartphone [refer to the image above to find the test point]
  • To enter EDL mode, you need to use a metal tweezer or a conductive metal wire to connact/short the points
  • Once you are done, connect your device to the PC using a USB cable
  • This way, your device will enter EDL mode. Now you can open the QFil or QPST Tool or QFlash Tool or MI Flash Tool to flash the firmware and restore your smartphone


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