Download TPS Xiaomi Tool; Remove MI Account 2022

Find the most up-to-date working Xiaomi Tool to Remove Mi Account. Here is the latest version of tools for Xiaomi TPS.

It is now difficult to unlock or remove MI accounts and unlock MI bootloaders. With TPS Xiaomi Tool, you can easily delete the MI verification account and unlock and lock Xiaomi Bootloader Unofficial on any supported smartphone.

The TPS Xiaomi Tool is among the best and most useful Windows platforms that allow you to enable or disable MI cloud verification accounts for the various supportive devices from Xiaomi. If you want to install mod-apk games and apps, go to this site.

If you face difficulties opening your MI or bootloader, this may be a solution for you. Download MangaOwl APK.

The tool provides two ways to complete these tasks. Alternatively, you could use the Qualcomm 9008’s com port and the EDL method called Fastboot. Whatever method you decide to choose.

In both instances, it is necessary to install USB drivers for connecting your device to the computer. For Qualcomm 9008, the user needs the installation of Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver and Xiaomi USB Drivers for Fastboot.

Download TPS Xiaomi Tool

How to use the tool?

As mentioned above, you may use either EDL (Fastboot) or Fastboot Mode to unlock my MI account. (In case you are not able to unlock the MI account/bootloader, you can use MI Account Unlock Tool)

Fastboot Method:

Power off your Xiaomi smartphone > Press Volume Up + Power Key simultaneously. Once you get the Mi logo, leave the power button and keep pressing volume up; when you get the Fastboot Logo, connect your device to your PC. If you want to increase your Instagram followers, you can use the Top follow app.

EDL Method:

  • First, you have to install ADB and Fastboot USB drivers on your PC and Enable USB debugging on your Xiaomi Smartphone.
  • (Not recommended; If you are not able to use your Xiaomi Smartphone to enable USB debugging, so you have to open your smartphone back to the motherboard and short EDL/test points)
  • Connect your smartphone via a working USB cable to a PC.
  • You get pop-up messages on your smartphone; click on the Yes button to connect your device.
  • Open the command prompt and type the following command to boot in EDL Mode.

ADB reboot EDL

  • Open TPS Xiaomi Tool if your device is connected to see the status in the EDL or Fastboot section. If so, select your device.
  • To unlock the MI account, select unlock account under account lock. Alternatively, select the option according to your need. Or if you are new and do not know how to edit video, then you can use the kinemaster mod apk for video or photo editing


It has been discussed how to unlock your MI account using the TPS Xiaomi Tool. Not only this, you can perform several tasks like unofficially lock/unlock the bootloader. If your device is stuck at boot loop or not working properly, I recommend flash Fastbool ROM in your device; you can use MI Flash Tool.

To use any one of the features of the tool used, you have to install drivers according to your smartphone. You can also download the alight motion mod apk for video editing and many more things


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