Google Snake Game Menu Mod (2022)

It’s quite surprising that, despite the amount of top-quality games we currently discover, classics such as the snake game remain in the top ten most played. It’s even more shocking to discover that among each of those Snake Game options, the most popular one is Google’s that is the most basic that you’ve ever encountered.

The best part is that even if you’re already playing the game on Google There are methods to make it better with modifications. Find out for how you can enjoy Snake unblocked

That’s exactly the reason we’ve decided to discuss in this article. How can you improve your game through mods, and what features you can gain or get by using these mods

Google Snake Game Menu Mod – Simple Guide

If you are already a regular of mods, chrome bookmarks and google doodle, this is all you need, If you are not familiar, in the next section we explain it in detail

  • Get Google Snake Menu Mod (Link here)
  • Open Chrome bookmark manager
  • Import Google Snake Menu Mod bookmark
  • Click on “MoreMenu.html
  • Start the Snake game
  • Finally Open “More Menu Stuff”
  • Now you can play all the Snake mod menu

Google Snake Game Menu Mod – Step By Step Guide

If you are not sure how to use bookmarks, mods and google doodle games, follow the steps in this guide

  1. Go to the Mod link > Here
  2. Download the “MoreMenu.html” file (1st of the x3 assets)
  3. You can find the  “MoreMenu.html” file here “C:\Users\(your username)\Downloads” (or to to your internet browser download location if you have changerd it)
  4. Import this HTML page back into your browser
  5. On Chrome, click on the three vertical dots button  > then on Bookmarks > then on Bookmark manager > then on the three vertical dots button > then on Import Bookmarks > Find and select the “MoreMenu.html” file you just downloaded
  6. Now, in the left menu of the Bookmark manager you will see that there is an imported folder
  7. Open a new Chrome  tab, Type in google snake game, and click on Play
  8. But before clicking the second play button click on the Chrome three vertical dot icon
  9. Go to “Bookmarks” > Go to “Imported” > Click on “More Menu Stuff”
  10. Finally Click on the gear icon within the Snake Game, and done, you have unblocked all the items. Choose the ones you want, change the color of your snake, and configure the game as you like


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