Dying Light Save Game Location ( Easy Find )

Dying Light stores its game save files in Steam’s userdata directory. The specific path for the folder is as follows:

Steam library folder > userdata > a folder named after your Steam account’s SteamID3 > 239140 > remote > out > save

Inside this folder, you’ll find your Dying Light save files in the .sav format.

Step-by-Step Help

If you need more help with that, don’t panic! We have laid out step-by-step help below.

First, go to your Steam library folder. By default this is at:

 Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

 Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam (open up a Finder window and press COMMAND + SHIFT + G and paste this in to access it)

 Linux: ~/.steam/steam

If your Steam library folder isn’t there, follow this guide to locate it, and then return here.

Once in your Steam library folder:

  1. Go into the userdata folder
  2. Then, go into the folder named after your SteamID3 (if there’s just one folder that’s a bunch of numbers, it’ll be that one) – search online for a SteamID3 finder if you aren’t sure what your SteamID3 is
  3. Once in the SteamID3 folder, just go through these folders: 239140 > remote > out > save


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