How To Get Halloween Hats In Among Us?

Do you want to know how to obtain a hat from The Last of Us’ Halloween costumes? Playing Among Us, you may have seen other players scurrying through the game wearing eerie costumes for Halloween or festive Christmas costumes. You wish you had the same, especially if you’re a devious or a fraudulent impostor.

Witch hats, pumpkins, candy canes, wolf ears, Santa hats, a Jason mask, and even the hat that looks like a machete has been placed in your skull are some of the headwear available for purchase. The dazzling hats featured are cosmetics that first appear at Among Us throughout the Halloween and the Christmas season but then disappear.

You don’t need to wait for them to be back in the future to acquire these cute caps. It’s possible to start unlocking the festive cosmetics available within Among Us right away!

How do you unlock Halloween Hats?

There are plenty of Halloween costumes that you can wear Among Us, including the mask for hockey and that of the plague doctor.

To unlock Halloween costumes for Halloween in Among Us, play activity, or go to the lobby on Halloween on October 31st. If you plan to play at this time, the hats are added to your inventory in-game. Users playing before the Halloween holiday can receive the caps earlier (or later, depending on the version). All you need to do is modify your game’s date and time.

To change your computer or smartphone’s date and time to gain access to the Among Us Halloween costumes, follow these steps:

  1. Go into your system settings
  2. Locate the Date and Time option (this is under General on iPhone)
  3. Switch “Set Automatically” to OFF – this may disconnect you from the internet
  4. Set the date to October 30th at 11:59 p.m.
  5. Quickly, start Among Us and wait at the main menu until the date changes to October 31st
  6. Select Local or Online and then Host a game
  7. Go to the laptop and click it or select Customize
  8. You will find the Halloween Hats under the Hats tab

Return to the system and set the date and time to “Set Automatically.” It allows you to join the Internet and receive special calendar reminders.

If you can’t see the Halloween Hats on the character creator, you might need to reset the game. To do that, simply close the game and then restart it.

Once you’ve got all your Halloween hats in order, why not play an exciting Hide and Seek match in Among Us? This is an excellent game in a dark and scary atmosphere, especially when the Impostor wears a hockey mask.


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