Dataplex Cache Software Overview

The Next-Generation of Storage Software

We have been hard at work, researching and developing the next-generation of storage software. And now, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, our elite R&D team has the unique ability to expand our scope and accelerate innovation through close cooperation with Samsung SSD experts. Whether it's workstations and servers, or notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones - our goal is to deliver the next breakthrough in storage software to unlock performance and increase reliability for next-generation SSD technology.

Dataplex Cache Software

Dataplex was our first step towards unlocking computing performance for the retail market. Bundled with select "cache SSDs", the Dataplex cache software delivers dramatic performance gains by intelligently managing the use of the small capacity cache SSD in conjunction with the customers' existing HDD. The results? We delivers the highest performance cache solution on the market to date. Dataplex customers enjoy SSD-level performance across the full storage capacity of their HDD — all behind the scenes, without requiring the user to perform any data management or migration tasks.

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Technical Support

For technical support, please see our Dataplex support options.